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Our Mission
Make Disciples. Plant Churches.

Making Disciples

First and foremost, Valley Life has been formed around the teaching of the gospel. We want to be very clear about what this means. The Bible is not just a collection of stories, but rather one cohesive narrative that contains:
  • The Beauty of God’s creation
  • The Brokenness that has resulted from sin
  • The Truth embodied in perfect life and sacrifice of Jesus
  • The Compassion that God has shown through his plan for redemption
  • The Community that we experience between each other and God
The study of the Gospel is as simple as it is deep. It will always be foundational to our teaching. We believe that a gospel infused life is only possible when lived in community with other believers, and with those who are still exploring this idea. Within community, we hope to provide an avenue for growth for people at all stages of their spiritual development.

Planting Churches

Ultimately the end of all this discipleship is to plant other churches to reach other communities. In training volunteers to teach children, lead worship, disciple one another, etc, we hope to raise up leaders who will impact local communities. We are not trying to make one big church, but rather a network of connected churches that minister locally.