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Valley Life Kids
Partnering with parents to raise kids who love Jesus.
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Our Mission

At Valley Life Church we value families and desire to help parents raise kids who love Jesus. Our mission for Valley Life Church Kids is simple: Equip families and disciple children, through Sunday morning programming, community engagement, spiritual tools, and more.

Gospel Centered

The Gospel not only saves us once and for all from the penalty of our sin, but also delivers us daily from the power of sin, and transforms us into the image of Jesus. The Gospel will be the heart of our programming, curriculum and everything we do. As we like to say… “Jesus is the hero”!

Creative & Interactive

Kids Ministry is for kids, not adults. Not all children learn the same way, therefore our programming and curriculum is creative and interactive, engaging multiple learning styles and reflecting the creative heart of our creator God.


We believe children are more motivated to learn in a fun-filled environment. Therefore, we strive to create a place where kids have fun and want to come back next week after week.

In Partnership with Parents

At Valley Life we believe parents are the primary disciple makers of their children. As parents, God has entrusted you with the responsibility of stewarding and discipling your children. Therefore, we endeavor to help you raise kids who love Jesus, by encouraging, equipping, and assisting you toward that end.

Age Appropriate Lessons

The kids’ ministry cares for children from nursery through 5th grade, providing a safe and fun environment that teaches from the Bible. Every week, children receive an age-appropriate version of the same sermon being taught to the adults. In the nursery our volunteers pray, read books, sing, and deeply care for your little ones. The Preschool class has hands-on learning geared towards the lesson. Kindergarten through 5th grade begin to dive more into the reading while still having a fun interactive craft or activity. They also join the main service in the big room for worship, so that they begin to see adult worship from an early age. We also provide a follow-up resource so that parents can discuss the teaching with their children during the week.

General Safety and Security

At Valley Life Church we take the safety of children very seriously. Therefore, all policies and procedures, including check-in and checkout must, and will be enforced. No one will be permitted into the Kids Ministry area without appropriate identification i.e. – volunteer badge or the parent’s check-in tag for their kids. Please be advised that no exceptions will be made. This is for the safety of your children.
All of our Kids Ministry Volunteers go through a comprehensive process including a criminal background check and personal reference checks. Anyone who has been convicted of either sexual abuse or physical abuse of a child will not serve in the Kids Ministry. Individuals age 12 and above are eligible to serve as teaching assistants. Children age 10 to 12 are encouraged to serve when accompanied by a parent who is also volunteering. Each classroom will have a team of two or more workers at all times. Under no circumstances is a child to be left unattended anywhere in the church or Valley Life Church Kids area.
All volunteers receive training on our philosophy, policies and procedures, as well as our curriculum and instruction.